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8th November 2002: SwiftMQ 4.0.0 implementing JMS 1.1 passes the Test Suite

A new Admin class has been provided by Andreas Mueller. It is available in CVS and in the package distribution.

18th June 2002: Branch of the Test Suite to add JMS 1.1 support

The CVS repository of the Test Suite has been branched to support JMS 1.1 tests:

  • the main branch of CVS is for JMS 1.1 tests
  • the branch jms-1.0.2b is for JMS 1.0.2b ones

6th June 2002: SwiftMQ 3.2.0 supports the Test Suite

Thanks to Andreas Mueller, SwiftMQ 3.2.0, which is out for only a few days, already supports the Test Suite. Congratulations to SwiftMQ team for their new product and thanks for the contribution!

1st May 2002: AshnaMQ supports the Test Suite

Thanks to AshnaSoft team, both AshnaMQ Standard and Enterprise Edition are available for the Test Suite. Thanks!

23rd April 2002: Pramati supports the Test Suite

Thanks to Rajdeep Dua, Pramati has contributed to the Test Suite and offered an Admin implementation to use the Test Suite with both their Application Server and Message Server. Thanks Rajdeep!

15th April 2002: Test Suite web pages and package available

The Test Suite has now its own web pages.

As requested by some people, it is now also available as a package.


This Test Suite is available under LGPL. It tests JMS features and its code base is pure JMS without dependency from any vendor.

Technically, the administration step is done through a simple interface that any provider can implement. For the moment, we provide implementations for:

We suggest that other JMS providers implement this interface so that the suite can be used by potential users to test implementations with respect to well known test scenarios.

Mailing List

A mailing list (test@objectweb.org) has been created to discuss about this test suite. It is moderated to avoid spam but you're welcome to subscribe if you're interested in using or developing the Test Suite.

To subscribe, send a mail to sympa@objectweb.org with in the message body: subscribe test

Getting Involved

Any input or personal view for improving and/or developing this test suite is welcome. This test suite, as an open source project, also welcomes external contributions.Interested? Contact us.

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